How To Use The Ibeat?

Discussion in 'EFI/carb' started by little squirt, Feb 18, 2012.

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    bought the Ibeat from semco here, sponsored link. but no real instructions on how to navigate it when hook up...i reset the TPS and played around a little but is there a factory manual or a guide to how to use this? I couldnt find the CO readings or temp sensor values while hooked up or how to set/reset the CO settings....any manual or help would be great. Thanks!!
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    There should be a folder called "Manual" on your ibeat installation CD. In that folder you should find iDT_OperationManual-English(2.00).pdf or similar.

    The temperature should be displayed on the main dashboard window.

    There is also a button for CO adjustment. Alternatively, you can select "CO Adjustment" from the service pull-down menu.
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    Yes the CO, TPS, FB adjustments are on the top row on the main screen. Hover your mouse over the icons and they will give you a small description of what they are. BTW, this is all on what is called the "dashboard" or what I call the main screen.