Help Stripped Petock Bolts To Tank

Discussion in 'General (Main)' started by Shaunmanta, May 20, 2020.

  1. Shaunmanta Husqvarna

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    09 wr300
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    where petcock meets tank the 2screws holding petcock wont tighten so keeps leaking fuel its a 09WR300 seems to be that the screws go into the plastic tank and keep spinning wont get tight
    thinking bigger screws with some kinda sealant ?
    any thoughts guys?
  2. Chisler Husqvarna
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    2010 WR 300 Husqvarna
    Try this it has worked for me in the past ..take a tie wrap and cut it to fit in each hole ... it should allow the fastener screws to bite and hold the petcock in place
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