Help For Read/write A Ecu Mikuni 310 D002

Discussion in 'EFI/carb' started by Masai125CC, Feb 21, 2024.

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    Masai(hanway) 125CC euro4

    I try to find a way to read my ecu Mikuni 310 D002
    It's installed on a chinese bike "masai" (hanway) scrambler 125CC euro4 with injector.

    I found the pinout of the diagnosis plug and i can communicate with the ecu with HUD ECU HACKER but the software is based on delphi ecu so it doesn't work for reading, just DTCs.

    I've got Ibeat 2.0 running on VMWARE but it says "communication closed" each time i try, even if i change the COM port (which is the COM 1 or 3 the right one for me i think).``

    I've got 2 cables with rivers installed, VAG KKL and Openport. 2.O, no one want to works with this ecu...

    Do you have an idea ? What i'm doing wrong, or maybe the Type of ecu is similar to husky bike but protocols are differents, i want to know more about that if someone can explain

    (excuse me for my bad english)