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    Hi guys,

    Just want to say a big HELLO! :thumbsup:
    And introduce ourselves to you guys. Seatconcepts is run by 2 of the biggest bike nuts you will ever meet. Robert and I (Lendon) will answer any and all questions about our products and be here to assist you guys in any way that we can.
    We feel that our products are the best in the industry for their applications. Our Dual Sport and Comfort seat are designed with the intended purpose of the original bike in mind. You will see a more aggressive seat (thinner for more mobility, firmer)for the hard core dualsport/Trail bike (I.E. TE Husky) than for the more roadworthy bike ( much wider, softer foam) like a KLR650. But since we make them we can customize your seat with regards to firmness any way you want it.
    We have a huge following from DRZ riders and hope to add our name to any discussion in regards to Husky Seats.
    So please give us the chance to earn you business.


    PS. Don't forget to mention you are from CafeHusky when placing your order to get your 10% discount!
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    Welcome Lendon. :thumbsup:

    I did not realize that Robert had a partner that was going to post, I'll add a new title. :)