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Discussion in 'Super Moto' started by ChiefBigCope, Aug 17, 2015.

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    Quick question for anyone who has done anything with the speedometer! I own a 2014 TE 449 and I recently started with the sumo conversion. Now I have hit a wall and require some help!

    I purchased a Healtech Speedo Healer V4 to correct my stock speedometer. Has anyone else wired one of these puppies up? They call for 3 wires that are supposed to come off the speed sensor on the front tire and our steeds only have 2 does anyone know what they are? I am looking at two wires (1 blue and 1 white with black stripe) and according to the instructions, I am supposed to have 3: Signal, Battery and Ground.

    If anyone has dealt with this issue or if I am just looking at all this backwards, feel free to ridicule me below!

    And thanks in advance!!
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    I assume you have the universal model as there is no specific one for the TE449?!
    Normally the bike specific ones are plug and play but you are going to have to do some wiring!
    You might have had to order the two wire inductive kit for this bike (SH-V4-2W), I'm not sure but I try to help you out.

    The speedo healer needs power to work, hence a battery and ground cable, this is easily connected as you pick any power wire after key or power on like lights, supply to indicator relay, anything will do as it uses little power.
    Next step is to interrupt the signal wire from the wheel sensor to the dash, there you have to do a cut and splice, since there are 2 wires you need to have a look at the wiring diagram for the bike which is which.
    Now unfortunately it becomes troublesome as one wire from the SH ( I assume signal) needs to go to the speedo and the other one ????ground maybe needs to be connected to the wire you just cut that comes from the sensor.

    There is also an issue with sensors on BMW bikes with this system, and the BMW husky follows probably the same system.

    To make a long story short, best thing to do is contact Healtech and explain your problem. They are normally good to deal with and reply fast.
    I can't do anymore without doing some multi meter tests but they will point you in the right direction.