Fuel Light On 2019 Fe450

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    Sorry for the newbie question - this is my first Husqvarna. Riding my stock FE450 a few weeks ago and low fuel light came on - and engine stopped about 2 minutes later / would not restart even with about 2 inches of fuel visible on left side. Laid bike on side so the right side of tank would move into left side - still no luck. Fortunately someone stopped and gave me a gallon and it started right up.

    Upgraded to a 3.1 gallon tank and low fuel light came on again this afternoon, but this time engine started sputtering less than 30 seconds later. Repeated procedure of laying bike on left side - still didn't work. Another generous driver stopped and gave me a gallon - started right up.

    Is there a problem with this bike - or - is this just a "Husqvarna thing" - where the light comes on after it's too late to do anything? As you can see from the attached photo, I still have about 2 inches on the left side. Can't find much info in this forum or others.

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    Sounds strange. I accidentally rode my 2018 FE501 until the fuel light came on. I had no choice but to continue and hope that I made it to my close by venue. Bike quit running at about 45 mph (which was at the 130 mile mark on the odometer) and my friend pushed me the rest of the way to the diner. After we ate, I came out and laid the bike down on its side. It did start, and we put a plastic party cups worth of fuel in it as well, so that I could ride it down the gas station that was a couple miles away. I have never done that again.
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    Imo not normal we've run our fe501 and ktm's quite a bit lower than that. I figure we've done about another 10 miles or so after fuel light came on and bike never died. Maybe check with dealer could be ecu setting or in tank setting???