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    On the 08 and 09 Fuel Injected models, there is a small zip tie that was installed at the factory to hold the fuel pickup in place. This has resulted in the fuel pickup from moving out of place for numerous people, including me. The resulting condition is that when the fuel level is low, and when braking or going downhill, the fuel pickup is out of the fuel and the bike will stall. Once level again the bike will restart.

    Here is the fix;

    Remove the gas tank, empty the gas from it. You don't need a picture for that do you? :)

    With the tank upside down, take out the six screws holding the fuel pump on. Gently pull the fuel pump assembly out.
    Here you can see that the pickup has slipped. It pretty much pops right out with the factory zip tie.
    Here it is back in place. There is a certain way it needs to align to slide all the way in.
    Second zip tie installed, nice and secure now.
    Reinstall the fuel pump.

    Someone had asked about a fuel filter somewhere, it's on the inside and is replaceable.
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