Fall China Hat gathering in Bend

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    BMP Husqvarna, Salem, OR USA
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    Well the Cafe Husky /BMP demo gathering has been set for November 3rd thru 6th.Even though some conflict with rides and races and due to schedules of employees and bike availability we had to choose this date and go with it and pray for great weather.We will be bringing GASGAS EX250 and 300 ,EC300 and EX350F .
    For the Husky lineup TE150/FE450/300 and if the planets align the new 2023 TBI TX300.
    As always we will be at Road 25 Staging area East Fort Rock OHV about 25 miles outof Bend then about 9 miles in. Spencer Wells road leads to Road 25.Things start about 1PM Thursday and wheels up about Noon to 1 Sunday. Riders under 18 must have waiver signed by guardian. As always we have a swag give away around the campfire Saturday night about 8 pm. Thank you all for your past assistance and attendance and hope to see you all again.
    Bill and the BMP crew.
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    01 VOR400_07 TM450_22 GG250_07 Tuono
    How did it go?
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    I saw some photos...it looked cold! Reminded me of the snowy gathering 10 years ago!