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125-200cc Engine washers

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by Twist09, Sep 4, 2021.

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    Hello. I recently bought a used engine for a 1995 CR 250. Got it delivered 2 days ago. Sadly the engine was completely disassembled when it arrived. I did my best to put it together with the help of the parts manual. Anyways i am mostly done now and have 2 washers left over that i can not find out where they go. I measured them to be a 26x17,2x0.7 and a 25,75x17,2x0.6

    I thought they might go on the gearbox shaft on top of the gear but i already have a washer there with 28x20x0.3 which has been tied with the gearbox but it seems out of spec.

    Maybe anyone here on the forum has any idea where these could go.

    Kind regards