Engine protection BMP style

Discussion in 'Bills Motorcycle Plus' started by ray_ray, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Howdy Bill and first off I gotta call this a successful saga on the 08 WR250 you sold me that had the BMP engine guard mounted around the front sprocket ...

    No pics but I do have the video here of when the master-link(ML) released on a mountain-road climb and the chain unwound off the bike... Your engine protector saved the engine and did sustain a broken tip on its chain-leading edge ... So when I rolled back down to the river where I knew someone would be there to help install the ML I usually carry with me, your guard was mounted upside down to put the 'jagged' edge on exit\bottom side of the sprocket allowing the Husky to be ridden home as always :)

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    Good to see you back ray_ray.

    Not under this particular circumstance but a lesson learned, we all should carry a spare master link.
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    Sheared a cs bolt that junked the case saver and lug that it mounted too.
    Luck of the draw sometimes.
    Yay ray-rays back.
    Hows the building going not effecting your ride routine i hope?
  4. rancher1 Contributing Member

    I like that you kept the clutch pulled in with the engine still running. Safety first on the side of a mountain. Definitely always carry spare chain bits as well, great habit that makes it easier to get home safely.