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Engine blocks

Discussion in '4 Stroke' started by hellbergarn, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. hellbergarn Husqvarna
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    Husqvarna tc 250 2014 husqy te 250
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    beta 350rr
    I have a 510te 2009
    That have one cracked the engine block
    Just behind the sprocket
    Do any body nov whitch year that will fit?
    I can buy one from a tc 250 2007
    But will that fit?
  2. rancher1 Contributing Member

    No, the main bearings are smaller in the 250 so it will not work.
  3. Trenchcoat85 Husqvarna
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    Northern NorCal
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    '14 TE 310R
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    '85 shovel, '75 DT400, '97 XR400
    align bore the 250 case maybe? how about a 310/450/6xx case? is repairing/re-boring possible? how about turning it into a 250/310/450?

    (obviously I'm not real familiar with the big blocks)