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    There's not much going on this side of the CH forum, so here's what I know about the upcoming weekend of racing here in the eastern parts of Canada.

    Here are some Husky riders and their destination of choice for the weekend:

    Kenzie Hennessy: Abord a 2012 TC250, he will be racing the Ironman series at the MX101 Sand Del Lee MX park in Richmond, Ontario. Kenzie is an up and coming rider, new to the Quad Expert Husqvarna team. He spend over a month practicing in Tennessee this winter and is ready for his first race of the year.

    Jérémy Lanthier : Upgrading to the intermediate class in the FMSQ enduro series, Jérémy will be racing in Franklin, Quebec, abord his 2012 WR300. Jérémy is a second year Quad Expert sponsored rider.

    Cassandra Schroeder: After getting her first full race machine this winter, a 2012 WR125, 13 year old Cassandra will be racing in the FMSQ enduro challenge at Franklin, Quebec. She will be the only lady representing the Quad Expert team at this event.

    Al Saulmier: This veteran AVT rider will be heading to Franklin to participate in the FMSQ event abord either his Husky 449 or his wife's 250, still undecided on the machine. He also will be racing under the Quad Expert banner.

    Other riders set to race in the FMSQ enduro challenge will be crowd favorite Guy Giroux, joined by team Eight-0-One's Samuel Rousseau and Alexandre Leblanc.

    Amateur hopefull Paul Rollin (me) should also take part in the event, depending on the condition of his wrist which was badly bruised at a practice 2 weeks ago!!

    Stay tuned for details of the races!!
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    No one of note riding husky ( just me ), but we have a Hare Scramble series underway in Nova Scotia !
    New to husky, just sold my 2010 Husaberg fe450 and picked up a 2012 WR250. My first 2 stroke too!
    enjoying the lightness, missing the estart.
    Nova Scotia Offroad Riders Association (NSORRA) is hosting a 7 round series in Atlantic Canada.
    Just rained out Round 3, now scheduled for July 14th.
    We're small potatoes ( about 60 riders ) but that's up 100% from last year.
    Round 4 is August 18th. Round 5 is in New Brunswick Sept 22nd.
    Sponsored by KTM and Honda Canada.
    Let me know if anyone is vacationing this far East!
    Stewart, NSORRA Race Director.