Different connector on TE250 2008 ECU

Discussion in 'EFI/carb' started by turbo100, Sep 8, 2023.

  1. turbo100 Husqvarna
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    I bought a new cable harness for a TE250 2008 but the ECU connector on the "new" is not the same as on my TE250 2008 and I have no clue why - should be same model but different countried (both europe).
    My is a 8000H0596 and the one connected originally to the wire harness i bought was is called 8000B0564 and this seems to be the original TE250 2008.

    The bike works well with the 8000H0596 but the connector does not fit the new harness as stated..
    My is called ECU181-A002 and the other is called ECU181-A001. I have a feeling that these numers relate to the HW connector, anyone that knows?

    If so, is it possible to open the units (i bought the 8000B0564 from the guy that sold me the harness) and swich the electronic circuit board between the unit plastic packaging?

    I really hope someone can help!