Clutch pistons available soon.

Discussion in '7602 Racing' started by Colo moto, Oct 24, 2016.

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    Hello all. I know many of you have been asking for clutch pistons and we have been out of stock for a while now. GP Cycles convinced us to make another run of pistons. They will have some pistons in stock around November 10th more or less. Give Joe a call there and get yours while they last. This is not an item we planned to make more of so give Joe some thanks for convincing us to make another batch. (619) 233-4762

    We will also have a few in stock that GP didn't grab up.
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    Thats really cool i need order an other piston for my 05 te 450
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    I just bought a 7602 slave piston from Joe at GP Motorcycles along with a ZipTy Racing Slave cylinder for my ex 2008 TXC450 which kept on having clutch issues with my friend and owner of my retired 450.
    Hope this bullet proofs the system. I liked that the latest version 7602 piston fits nice and snug in the ZipTy Billet cylinder. My only concern and I mentioned it to Ty is the cylinder wall surface, I would prefer to it honed to smooth perfection, it's not rough but its not mirror smooth for the optimum X-Ring seal either. I also rebuilt the master cylinder and inspected the bore prior to reassembly. Hopefully this is the bullet proof layout.
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