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Buying and selling...

Discussion in 'Vintage/Left Kickers' started by Coffee, Mar 18, 2010.

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    I've started a 'Mini-Sponsor' program to facilitate things. More information here.

    If you are buying and making things with the intention of selling them on Cafe Husky, even if you don't consider yourself a business, you could be viewed as getting privileges for free which the sponsors are paying for. The Sponsors are the only reason this site can exist.

    To alleviate the situation I've started a "Mini-Sponsor" program. Please contact me for details. Everyone's situation is different.

    • If I put up for sale my 2006 TE250 that I bought new, that is a normal ad.
    • If I found a good deal on a bike, bought it with intention of selling it right away, that would not be considered a normal ad. Actually doing that once is no big deal, doing several is a big deal e.g. I bought 4 bikes with the intention of selling.
    • If someone made up some graphics or a part for personal use and you wanted to help others out 'once' - that is one situation.
    • If you are doing that multiple times because others want what you are making, that is completely different.

    Simple enough?

    You may or may not be making money, you may be doing it because it is fun to do... it doesn't matter to the Sponsors that pay to keep this site running. This not only includes threads/posts but all other resources such as visitor messages and PMs.... because people like to share their experiences, sometimes on other forums, and the Sponsors see that. They are enthusiasts too and read many other forums.

    I really really like people that take the time to buy (or make) things to sell, it is good for the brand, good for the riders, and it really helps others. :thumbsup:

    If you have any concerns at all please contact me.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.