AMA Racer of the year awards voting deadline 18 december

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    Hey Husky brothers and Sisters.

    AMA racer of the year awards time. Deadline 15 December. Must be AMA member to vote. lots of good riders but I call attention to category 8. It is "Senior Racer of the year" They have Fred Hoess at the ripe young age of 50. Please vote and if you are on the fence in category for fred. well deserved and may just remind him he is 50 and slow him down too! (for those that have to race against him..LOL) more golds than anyone and won the vintage ISDE overall this year.. Takes top of a couple minutes. Thanks. Many categories and many riders and disciplines too.

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    Joe Thanks for the reminder (Erek sent one out to me and I forgot about it)
    If anyone cares
    I tossed between Brabec, Haaker and Robert
    went with Taylor (ISDE/enduro/xc fan big part of my world as moto offroad fan)
    Ben Kelly for coming out of the woodwork with a super performance at the TKO extreme event
    Fowler for ATV (I don't follow or know Fowler) I figured anyone who blasts GNCC courses on ATV is the one.
    Bradford for women mostly because of her ISDE participation and seeing her at the Nat H&H and accepting her championship with poise immediately after returning from Spain
    No other choice but Fred Hoess for the Vet (Super Sen!!) for his top of this list ISDE record, US enduro participation, ISDE Trophy and Club team commitment. And for his beautiful ISDE 2016 killed 'em all win OA in the new vet/vintage class Plus Joe would hunt me down if I didn't vote for Fred.
    For the Kids a toss up between Jett and Mason ( I've seen Jett race and have seen his bikes at the dyno shop, we will be seeing a lot of this guy in MX for sure) But I picked Mason Matthies because the kid just finished the Tecate enduro on his 80 (I think it was a big wheel , but still a mini) and I am an offroad/XC/enduro fan. ( I posted the kids H cam viddy from Tecate in the Tecate Enduro thread)
    PS I wish Fred could have joined the Tecate Enduro parade, even AA Sen. Steve Leivan said it one for the record in fun smiles per mile. Plus Fred would have killed the 50 SSen class and
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    All done Joe. Go Fred!
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    Done Joe!
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