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Discussion in 'Racing' started by shotgunscott, Aug 25, 2008.

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    Just got back from another great weekend of racing the new Husky in the Northwest. We were at a Harescramble event that is called Tough as Nails at Riverdale Raceway Toledo Wa. The event used a combination of two motocross tracks, a pretty tight woods section, some flowing open woods, a small scale Enduro cross rock section, tire section, log section, riding over the hoods of cars section, and a 1/2 mile drag strip. There was a pretty good showing of both old and new Husqvarna's with about 20, this is more than I have every seen at one event. The start was on the drag strip with a dead engine, off the bike, one hand on the top of your helmet; go when you hear the horn. I was in the 3rd starting wave (30a and 40A) after the AA's and open A. When the horn sounded I was swinging my leg over the bike, pushing the E start on twisting the throttle. The bike fired up immediately as it always does and I was leading the 3rd wave down the strip by quite a few lengths and continuing to pull away. One really cool feature that this event had was a radar speed trap. On the start I pulled 83MPH through the trap and my top speed on lap #3 was at 87 MPH. I geared down from the stock 47 to a 50 tooth sacrificing a little top speed for better response in the tight/technical stuff. All in all I think that was a good choice as the drag strip only made up 1/2 mile of the 8 mile ( I believe) course. Both top speed winners for both the short course and long went to TXC 450's with an 87MPH and a 94 MPH.:eek:
    I should have some pictures in the next few days.