96 610 no spark ideas ???!

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    Husky 610 96 ignition issues help, I have a 96 610 has been running fine up until recently when it stopped while out, no spark, I've checked the usual stuff bad earth loose connector kill switch etc, as there is no battery to make it easier I am unsure of how to test cdi and coil, I've had the testers on the generator I've hot continuity between the green and white wires and when I kick it by hand I get a small reading but nothing between any other wires, my logic tells me to just try another generator, has anyone had any similar issues the bike was stood for a while before being reinstated but ran for months before this fault, I've heard or flywheel magnets becoming loose and bonded back in but this bike appears to have had this work already done, if anyone can see anything glaringly obvious from the pics please let me know cheers James image.jpg

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    you are on the track, just remember simple first, check your plug, check your cap check your wire, check the kill switch system. then get in deeper coil and rotor and stator. I recall Up-Tite Husky doing a common issue repair to flywheel/rotor assembly because the magnets actually slip within their epoxy as an assembly screwing up the timing. Verify the that the magnets are solid to eliminate that possibility.