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70 Husky 250 Cr Rear Fender Mounting

Discussion in 'Vintage/Left Kickers' started by dnorthern, Jun 10, 2019.

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    70 Husky 250 CR Rear Fender Mounting

    I need to mount a rear fender and I don’t have the old one to measure. Can anyone give me the measurement from the point/tip of the rear fender to the first hole in the mounting bracket on the frame?

  2. SteveJ Husqvarna
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    If you happen to have one of the early 70's that had the steel rear fender, I have the original steel from my 70 400 Cross that I can measure for you. The steel fenders were longer and you don't see many on the 70 models. If this is the aluminum rear fender, I would be interested in knowing as well. Be interesting to see if anyone has an original aluminum rear fender. I am not sure there is a "correct" measurement as I have seen them vary as to placement.