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430cr Value

Discussion in 'Husqvarna Motorcycles - Sweden' started by Kam, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Kam Husqvarna

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    Greetings from Idaho

    I apologize if this in an inappropriate post, I am new to forums. I'm trying to figure out the value of my 1982(based off frame number) Husqvarna 430cr dirtbike. My Aunt was the original owner and gave it to me in 2010 but its time for me to part ways with it. i managed to get it running after several years in storage but its been a very temperamental. Rough to start but once running it runs like a top. I had the Ohlins rear shocks rebuilt a few years ago. The only real issue is it does leak oil and the plastic fairings (particularly the airbox) are original from 1982 so they're very brittle but still all there.

    I'm just trying to figure out the value of the bike, for some odd reason I'm attached to it and don't want to just see it got to the scrap yard. Any input would be appreciated.

    I apologize, i cannot figure out how to rotate the images. My bad

    IMG-3903.jpg IMG-3902.jpg
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    There. Fixed it for ya. Looks like a nice rider as is... if it still runs. Value is tough on these old scoots. They're worth what someone will pay. If it were mine I'd not let it go for $1000. If I got $2000, though, I'd be surprised. I know that's not very helpful.