300 Mile 10' Te510

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    Just picked up this super clean bike, does that mean I'm part of the club now? I thought it was such a good deal, that I went and picked it up the next day! Well, I bought it non running and have since fixed it (clogged injector). Fires right up but during riding it will die on me and feels really low on power. What most people say is that these bikes should be lifting the front wheel all day long. The bike has the "power up kit" on it but the speedo is only showing "sel 1" and not "race map". I am assuming that this is the issue, any advice on how to fix? The bike did come with the iBeat cable, but I have yet gone through the process of setting that up. Other issues include, tapping sound from left cam or chain, tapping sound from clutch case, missing throttle body cover, burnt intake box, missing intake filter skeleton thing. Any advice on how I should move forward on getting this super moto out on the road would be greatly appreciated.

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    How much miles or kilometers has been running, you check that timing chain tensioner, when taking it out you can see how many teeths is out there, if they is 10-12 you need timing chain/sliders and that tensioner, but in that time i would do head job, if there is ticking sound coming, also check valves cap.

    How it dies while driving, after like 15 min driver, low fuel etc..