2019 FE350 OR 2020 FE350? ADVICE NEEDED.

Discussion in 'General (Main)' started by FloRider, Oct 21, 2020.

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    Hey everyone, hoping I can get some good advice. I have an opportunity to purchase a 2019 FE350 with only 400 miles and lots of options added for $8500 (ridden by an older gent who changed his mind). In doing my research I see there is a lot of info about how the 2020 FE350 model is much better (power, frame, suspension) but I don't know if it so significant to warrant the $11,500 OTD price for a the brand new 2020 left on the showroom floor. I currently have a 2012 TE250 so either way i will be moving up, but is the 2020 worth $3000 more?