2017 North East Husky Gathering

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    The 2017 11th Anual Husky Gathering is just over a week away..... This is in conjunction with the AHRMA NE XC and MX races. There will be riding, racing and bench racing galore. Husky bikes and riders of all vintages welcome, as are Husky cousins.... Husaberg, Cagiva, Vertemati, VOR, etc

    When: 6-8 October 2017. Friday is a get there/settle in/relax day. Casual riding. Sat is XC race or casual trail ride or casual MX ride. (Husky Gathering riders have the MX track to themselves all day Saturday!) Sun is MX race and casual XC trail ride.e

    Where: 2754 South Cortland Virgil Rd. 13045-8988. Sherman Rd is a cross street and road leading in to the ride (may or may not show up on your navigation device) This is the Logan Farm proper, on the east side of the road. The farm road up to event location, is on west side about a tenth of a mile south. It will be arrowed and ribboned. We will have plenty of arrows up as you get close and also we will have signs in braille for some of us real old guys

    Who: Any Husky and buddies on non husky are ok as long as there is a husky "sponsor" so to speak. We love our Huskys but it is all about the fun. All years vintage is ok too (in honor of the fierce competition given to Husqvarna during the "glory Years" that are soon coming back. We may have some former and current ISDE vets show as well. How often do you get a chance to bang bars with that?
    Our own resident photographer will be on hand to make you look famous (or infamous).

    [IMG]Cost: "Husqvarna-care" is in effect. What is "Husqvarna-care"? Registration goes back to 2007 inaugural fee of $40!Also a small parking fee to be used as a thanks for the land owner. Per car, RV, truck, Camper, giant wooden rabbit, M-1 Abrams etc. Also as far as there being co-run with a race the same weekend......no worries. You DO NOT need any AMA, AHRMA, AARP, Social Security, Starbucks frequent buyer, or any other "cards" to attend. If you are wanting your AHRMA event/series points then yes you need AHRMA membership.Bottom line…..going for AHRMA Series Points…..sign up with AHRMA…..Wanting just fun and not worrying about race points see Norm or I for sign up.

    What: As usual, all about the fun. We've always run it, as a fundraiser. In the past we've helped: Husky/non Husky riders with health problems, their family members, Husky mounted ISDE riders and more. Good things happen, when Husky Riders get together! This year we are trying to help a woman who just lost her fiance' who was a vintage aficiando and racer.

    There is open riding on a separate MX and XC courses (except when the AHRMA race is utilizing that venue). This year North East Huskys will be sponsoring its 4th AHRMA MX/CC race the same weekend. The vintage XC race is Saturday and we will have a special “Non AHRMA Husky class” for those that want to race in it. Non AHRMA points competitors only, your XC race fee is covered in the $40!Another plus.Those that just want to trail ride can as well. Sunday is AHRMA MX .8 mile, old fashioned, off camber scrambles track, with no jumps.So MX open course is just Sat.You can register for Sun MX races but this is on your dime.

    Got any questions.......post them here
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    Though I didn't stay long, I really liked the grass MX track, XC portion too.
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    Sorry I missed this post although this year I was riding in Michigan at the Tomahawk trails and U.P. that weekend.

    Sounds like a fun time. Any new pictures? I may want to go next year if you do it again.

    Joe Chod, do you know CJ? Wondering if we rode once a long time ago at Beartown.
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    yes I do know him. Never rode Beartown with him though