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2015 Fe350 Rebuild

Discussion in '4st' started by dale826, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. dale826 Husqvarna
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    2015 FE 350
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    2003 CRF 450 R
    I am rebuilding my bike this winter, it is all apart and now i am going through the process of cleaning, organizing and determining what needs servicing or replaced.

    I have the throttle body out and cleaned - pulled all sensors and cleaned - flushed injector.

    1-Is there anything else that should be done?
    2-When installing the throttle position sensor, the screw hole on the sensor is slotted, why and how do you know at which position to lock it in?

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  2. WWWRU Husqvarna
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    2012 TE310
    I do not think your bike is Italian. Isn't 2015 the 1st year of KTM/Husky?
  3. Dirtdame Administrator

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    I moved it to its proper forum.