2008 AMA National Championship Hare Scramble

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    For 2008 the AMA changed the format for Hare Scrambles on the National level and created an East & West Region to ease travel costs. In doing that, a final event and the AMA National Championship Hare Scramble was created to determine the actually AMA National Champions. This event will be taking place the weekend of October 18 & 19, in Davis, Oklahoma at Cross Bar Ranch. Additional details can be found at http://www.amahsshootout.com/ or at http://www.amadirectlink.com/amrace/2008/HS_Shootout/index.asp .

    I invite everyone from Café Husky to come out and enjoy the event either as a participant or spectator at one of the many spectator points along the trail. More details and information will be added and I have been told a few video clips and additional pictures will be added in coming weeks to offer some preview of what awaits everyone.

    Hopefully we will see a few Husqvarna Fans there. I know my WR 144 will be there and would love to see a few others!