2006 Smr 510 Not Starting

Discussion in 'Super Moto' started by Sumobro, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Sumobro Husqvarna
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    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    2006 SMR 510
    Has anyone seen this before? My 06 does not start and my mechanic has performed the following:

    "At this point here is what I have done
    Motorcycle will not start or even try
    Between tests I would check to see if I made a change to the issue
    Checked spark - strong and blue
    Checked for fuel for water/bad fuel in the carburetor - Had clean healthy fuel, no sign of water
    Checked for loose clamps and or vacuum leaks - None found
    Perform leak down test - 7% loss
    Removed flywheel to check for a sheered woodruff key - No signs of damage
    Check resistance of pickup coil
    Remove carburetor and inspect and clean - no problem found
    Check valve clearances - both exhaust valves out of spec, but only by a couple of tenths, not enough to hold a valve open. Also inspected the decompression actuator, seems fine and moves freely while still returning to activate the decompression. I did change the shims on the exhaust valves since I was already there.
    If anyone has seen something like this, I would greatly appreciate any advice available
    Calling a priest to perform an Exorcism has been considered. "
    Much appreciated for any insight!
  2. huskyfrk Husqvarna
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    los alamitos Ca
    i would call george at up-tite racing in santa ana ca. knows more then anybody in the country on huskys. was the oldest dealer untill a few years ago. my .02