2000 TE610 Auto decompressor?

Discussion in 'Older Single cams' started by uranys, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I have a fairly new to me 2000 te610 (dirt model, no e-start and a left kicker). Does anyone know if it has an automatic decompressor? The manual I have doesn't show one (though it's pretty crappy). I was trying to do a compression test today and the best I could manage was 70 psi, with an average of more like 60 psi.
  2. Pickster Husqvarna

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    I have a 2000 te610 and that has a manual decompression via a lever on the handlebars :thumbsup:
  3. rancher1 Husqvarna
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    Yes, it has an auto decompressor on the cam shaft.
  4. oldhuskychuck Husqvarna
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    it does on the cam gear, however, its prone to fail, the tiny spring breaks easy..
  5. boogieman065 Husqvarna
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    Bump!.... The mechanism is backordered. How can you repair the spring or can you remove the whole thing altogether??
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    curious too? stuck with same issue on a 2001 TE 570