1958 / 1959 Husqvarna Glider -- Need parts.

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  1. johnnybench Husqvarna

    I recently dug a very old Husqy out of my grandparents' garage. It says "Husqvarna Glider" on the sides of it. I don't have a key to it, and I have no idea what run condition it is in. The odometer reads 00024 on it, and the bike looks to be in pretty good shape.

    I have a shop looking at it, but know that I will need some parts. Thoughts on where to track down parts (specifically the main belt)?

    Thanks in advance-Mike.


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  2. rancher1 Contributing Member

    I would try Ben VanErp in holland or Zupin in germany. Ben used to be a sponsor on here and I think you can find his info in the old sponsors link. Good luck and cool find.
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    A very nice find!
  5. 1958Husky Husqvarna

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    I have the same scooter! Mine was sitting in a garage for over 20 years with the engine in pieces.
    I also needed to replace the clutch drive belt. I joined a Swedish scooter club in order to post and find the part. Go here: http://www.mohlins.se/index.php?pag...ord=husqvarna&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=64
    I also have a complete parts booklet which really helped me re-assemble mine. Mine does not have a key - only a kill switch. Feel free to email me if you need more information.
  6. johnnybench Husqvarna

    Excellent. Thank for the input! I had been looking in so many different places that I forgot I posted this here.

    I will keep you all posted. 1958 Husky, that's awesome! I'll join that club, too, and will be in touch if I need more help. Y'all are very helpful.
  7. johnnybench Husqvarna

    Husqvarna info.gif

    And my dad dug up the original paperwork! 1958 Husky, I'm guessing ours might have come from the same nape of the neck there in WI.
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    That is incredibly cool!