100's MC National Hare n Hound

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    It's that time of year again, well about a month earlier than normal really. 70740956_2547864405497449_4803248302927642624_o.jpg

    Come out Saturday for the Youth National and enjoy autograph signing with the Pros, followed by a Motorcycle Hawaiian Limbo Contest.

    There will also be a first time racer option to give you a feel for what a Desert Race is all about. $50 entry gets you AMA membership, transponder, and a temporary pie plate number. First timers will do loop 1 only.

    We tried something different this year with a loop 1A and 1B. This gives all One Loop classes a chance to come in to the pits, grab a splash of gas and get a feel or remember the experience of rolling through the pits like the two loop classes.

    Come on out and join us!