09 TE310 Turn Signal wiring help

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  1. Albie Husqvarna

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    Hi guys, last year I bought an 09 TE310 which i need to get registered. I was given the turn signals by previous owner (but no relay) and have been able to attach the front indicators ok. I bought aftermarket relay which i will need to wire in spade connectors. I have not been able to identify the wirering for the rear signals though. I presume that they are still there somewhere or maybe there is a connector for an extension lead somewhere? For testing, would the front signals still work if the rears were not installed (with relay of course)? Many thanks for your responses.
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    If the relay behaves like the stock relay, they will probably blink more quickly if you only have the front signals. That's what happens when one of your signal bulbs burns out.

    I've attached the wiring diagram, if it helps.

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  3. Albie Husqvarna

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    TE310 2009
    Thanks Andrew. My difficulty is finding the physical wires to connect signals to. The diagram and workshop manual make it look like the wiring is with the tail light wire but it is not on my bike. I also have a smaller sleek tail light than the pdf manual shows so possible aftermarket.