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09 TE250 Kickstand Nightmare

Discussion in '4 Stroke' started by Twitzel94, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Twitzel94 Husqvarna

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    So I bought a 250 a while back (310 kit on it) and the kickstand didn't work as it was too short, had to shim it. I had an extension welded in it twice but the weld never held when the bike was ideling so I gave up (snapped at the weld). Bought a used kickstand from bills (stock), and I put it on and it's way too long, as in the bike tips the other way. What does this mean, not stock linkage from previous owner? He was short, which is why he tried that short kickstand. Could it be shock settings and not linkage? If it is linkage where do I find a stock one/ what would it cost me? Thanks!!

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  2. ghte Husqvarna
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    If the bike height is right for you , leave the suspension setting as is. Husky side stands are average at best. Maybe look for an aftermarket solution.
  3. 2wheeler Husqvarna
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    "it's way too long, as in the bike tips the other way"

    Mine did this off the showroom floor. After messing with the factory unit, then a drz kickstand with homemade bracket, finally settled on a promoto stand with homemade bracket. Added a stop to the leg to keep it from jamming into the muffler. This works.

    WP_20160825_18_13_03_Pro_LI (2).jpg WP_20160825_18_13_37_Pro_LI (2).jpg
  4. Rizzkid Husqvarna
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    I had a similar issue. Its possible the rear tire is not close to the stock 140 size. This alters the stock kickstand angle
  5. Twitzel94 Husqvarna

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    I ended up fixing it after realizing the rear shock sag was set all the way down, making it sit too low. I cranked it up and the used kickstand from bills fits perfect.