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09 husqvarna smr510 - brake fluid reservoir

Discussion in '4 Stroke' started by TravisSF, Dec 22, 2022.

  1. TravisSF Husqvarna

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    09 Husky 510 smr
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    07 KTM 950 SM
    Hey all,

    Recently crashed my Husky and while there isn’t a severe amount of damage, the front brake fluid reservoir was ripped off. I found one on eBay that is listed as a REAR brake reservoir. Anyone know if they’re interchangeable? If not, have a lead on where I could find the front one? Halls Cycles does not have it in stock and no ETA. Thanks
  2. Mik-3 Husqvarna
    AA Class

    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    Husvarna SM510R 2010
    To me you can use some universal...I have someone using just hose for brake fuild reservoir. When it just keep the fluid, what is the good to make on there
  3. Sjiefke Husqvarna
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    The Netherlands
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    Husqvarna 510 SMR '10
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    Kawasaki ZX6R '07