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06 TE 450 Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

Discussion in '4 Stroke' started by Ben Verkler, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Ben Verkler Husqvarna
    C Class

    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    2006 TE450
    Took a good fall today and destroyed my clutch master cylinder. I've been searching but don't really know what to look for. Any suggestions, possible upgrades?
  2. JoeWannaB Husqvarna
    C Class

    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    2005 TE450
    Other Motorcycles:
    2001 Kawasaki Concours
    Since no one has chimed in, I'll throw in my $.02 I have the '05 flavor of TE450 and have had issues with the Magura hydraulic clutch system. Did you crack the housing on your master cylinder? Could it be repaired using JB weld etc? If not, One possible solution is to get a Rekluse clutch and eliminate the whole system. I haven't checked for 2006 but the 2005 OEM replacement for the master cylinder is about $210. My bike came with an uninstalled rekluse which I am seriously considering installing as I am still having issues with my clutch system. I also have the rear brake lever to eliminate the brake pedal.

    Here is a link to the OEM replacement part. Oddly enough, it is listed for '05 and '08 but there is not a listing for '06 and '07. I suspect they are identical since they are all made by Magura but maybe someone can confirm this.