Tag Hill view after Typhoon Ruby - Dec 2014

Discussion in 'Other places' started by ray_ray, Dec 18, 2014.

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    I finally made it back over to Tag Hill to scope out the damage from Typhoon Ruby ... For whatever reason, the inner part of the island (west of Danao City) got alot more wind and rain than we did on down the coastal area.

    Where I stopped was very muddy and boggy ... I could have made it down that hill and back up it with work ... I'm just not always gonna do this level of work or put my Husky in that gummy red-clay every time I see it. A bike can easily burn a clutch out or worse in that stuff... And there is no telling what is down there. There were other knobby tracks there; that is a good sign that this road made it all the way down to the river.

    View: http://youtu.be/UUfiL4LBpXI