Tag Hill 2015 - "You go down there"

Discussion in 'Other places' started by ray_ray, Jan 10, 2015.

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    Forgive me but I got that line from a Dustin Hoffman movie where General Custer calls Hoffman 'Mule-skinner' and then proceeds to ask him advice on going down into the coolie ... Gotta be some humor in there somewhere ...

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWGAdzn5_KU

    I remember that line lots here because I'm alone riding lots of time and I gotta ask myself do I really want to go down there when heading off into a valley or creek.


    Anyway, I'm a little more jacked than usual about getting on a Husky and riding back down to the river in tag valley and seeing more of what Mother Nature has been doing to that strip of land ... Plus, I've looked at the downhill twice this yr and found it gnarled as expected on the top side but had to turn back each time...

    The solution to finding the bottom: A 2008 WR250cc Husqvarna with a new IRC rear knobby.
    I gotta admit I let the bike sit a little too long and I do have some low low idling issue due to a gummy (?) CARB but what 2t bike is not a little squirrely?

    The goods.