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New to Huskys - Naive Questions

Discussion in 'Vintage/Left Kickers' started by SRRobirds, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. SRRobirds Husqvarna
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    Atlanta, GA
    Hi Guys -
    Just purchased a 79 390 Husky Auto that needs a bit of TLC. I plan this to be my winter project with intentions to race it in next year's AHRMA PV CC schedule. My history has been riding Vintage bikes (Hodaka Combat Wombat) but have always wanted a Husky.

    I'm in the process of dissassembling it (have already sent the shocks off for rebuild, ordered seat cover, etc.) and when I took the pipe off I found it full of loose, thin metal pieces about the size of a business card. Most I could shake out, but some remain in the pipe. What in the world are these pieces? I thought these expansion chambers were free of internal baffels, or is it something else?

    Also, when placing the bike on a platform stand, I found the center tube at the bottom of the frame to be lower than the side tubes making it unstable on the stand. Is that part of the frame design, or has there possibly been some frame modification in the bike's 30 year history?

    Thanks for your help with this... I'm sure I'll have more questions when I get into the transmission.

  2. Husq.fleet Husqvarna
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    Pendleton Oregon
    Your bikes frame is probably the OR style. It had a extra tube under the engine for protection, it does make it a pain to put on stand. I believe, and more knowledgeable folks will know for sure that pipe may have internal baffling if it is a OR-WR. It was a long time ago but when I put a 420 kit in my 79-390OR I think it came with a non-baffled CR pipe to change powerband but I may be wrong.
  3. Hwy Mini-Sponsor

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    Yes, the frame is normal. I have that same lower frame on my '86 too.
    It does present a problem that a couple of short 2x4's don't remedy.
  4. highdez1981430cr Husqvarna
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    Yucca Valley,Ca.
    Hey Scott,
    Send us a before and after shot of your project.
    Have fun with it.
    This forum will give you tons of good advice and websites to explore to get everything you need or just lust for.

  5. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Darrell ( two RR's two LL's) has been bitten by the Lust bug... can you tell!!!

  6. luvwoods Husqvarna
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    Zoar, Ohio
    Check your inbox. Just sent you a PM.
  7. AMX 390 Husqvarna
    C Class

    Scott, I also just picked up a 1979 390 auto with intentions of racing the same series. I am Pittsburgh, Pa. but travel North Carolina fairly often. Will be happy to share any tech tips with you that help to keep these bikes in one piece. Hope to see you at the races! John.
  8. 2whlrcr Husqvarna
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    Dubuque, IA
    I've got old Huskys and I've always wanted a Combat Wombat or Super Combat Wombat.
  9. SRRobirds Husqvarna
    AA Class

    Atlanta, GA
    It's amazing, but after having the Husky for only a week, I feel I've already got a network that will have the '79 390 Auto running in top form in no time. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you guys on the CC circuit next year.

    As for the Combat Wombat, it's a great bike that hauls my 180 lbs through the woods surprisingly fast (faster than I should probably be going). As a kid, though, I always wanted a Husky so pretty much on a whim I decided to take the plunge with this project... I'm glad I did. I'll keep you posted through the inevitable questions I'll have as I get into it.