Evolution Laetoli Footprints

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    This I do think is about the coolest thing I've seen on humanity... Being one of us modern humans and all that encapsulates plus cursed with a memory of my modern human life of the last ~40 yrs or so, hearing that us modern humans walked out of a land that became known as African and then jumped into bed(maybe rocks?) with Neanderthals (who were ~never in their lands) was easy to understand and believe. Really drove home the ideas that us modern humans display daily\hourly were between our ears so long, long ago. This might ~just provide the answer, the only real purpose for each of us to actually have for being here, since we are here? Might be a good thing videos or pics did not exist then?

    These footprints from ~3.5MIL yrs ago seal the deal for me. One person expressed this occurrence as "Something walked across here on 2 feet and it was not dragging any knuckles". Another interesting aspect of finding these prints was that they are much larger and closer to our modern day feet than most thought possible. Who would guess a foot that old had an arch and a big toe your mommy could like? There is a clue here also about most things that man 'guesses' about and then finds out about later.

    These are my prints for your viewing pleasure.

    Here's the real link to this article