Big Iron with an 08 WR250 Husky

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    Funny how some things stick in your head for a life time... I can remember Marty Robbins back as far as Johnny Cash and Lee Harvey. Had no idea how great this man was at his craft until recently I did some reading up on his life.

    Mr. Robbins wrote this song and sings it live. Just another element of human life that will disappear from humans. I've listened to some 'canned' AI music that was a made by feeding a memory device, better known as a computer, all the Beatles music and it spit something back. Might have been better than ~disco, gangster rap, but it just did not have any feelings I thought... It was just a string of notes sounded off together, like techo?


    BTW: There were no gunfights in what Americans call the old-west. That was hollywood; ain't they so cool.

    If Big Iron does not get ya, maybe this catchy tune again by Mr. Robbins will?


    If the attempt at showing the 2 songs above are now enough, Mr Robbins then writes a song about the song in the second link .... Now that is cool and AI is gonna have a hard time understanding any of this in our lifetimes possibility.