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250-500cc 14' Wr 300 New To Me

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by J.Sullivan, Oct 31, 2022.

  1. J.Sullivan Husqvarna

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    2005 450 TE
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    KTM 250 xcw
    2014 WR 300-Love it BUT parts here in California are problematic! Anyone know where I can get 1) frame guards
    2) oversized tank 3) better kickstand
    Bike was a garage queen-less than 5 hours! Super fun two stroke!

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  2. Dirtdame Administrator

    Rock Springs Wy
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    17 Beta Xtrainer
    Ebay is your friend. Just sayin'....
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  3. shrubitup Husqvarna
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    Seattle WA
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    '00 TE610 (pretty much a WXE610)
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    the kickstand is very robust once you learn how to use it. the auto retract can be removed. if you want a bigger foot, try fastway if they still make them for the WR300.
  4. moto120 Husqvarna
    AA Class

    Forked River,N.J.
    I believe IMS made a tank. Frame guards are tough. Read thru the WR forum, I found a lot of information for my WR125 there. Be careful ordering parts. 2014 was the pivotal year
    when the Italian husky's ended and the KTM Husky's began production. Make sure to use the frame/engine number when ordering parts.
  5. Hurky Husqvarna
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    WR300 2010
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    Yamaha WR480F 2008
    When I had mine I was also unsuccessfully searching for some frame guards, I decided to make my own out of aluminum and as a temporary solution to avoid scratching the frame I used some reinforced inner tubes cut to size, some double sided tape and a few zip ties, not beautiful, but it worked just good and that temporary fix got permanent. More or less free and easy to replace when worn:


    Cheers !
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