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Discussion in 'Seat Concepts' started by oldjr, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Just got my seat back from the upholstery shop. $18.00 to install the new foam and cover from seat concepts. This is the seat the 610 should have come with. :applause:
  2. Muddy Waters Husqvarna
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    Post a picture when you get a chance

  3. agoura Husqvarna
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    how much did it cost may i ask?
  4. mikedbike2002 Husqvarna
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    Not much good without a picture !!
  5. denny Husqvarna
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    Another Seat Option | Cafe Husky

    Plenty of Pictures over in the 610/630 Forum.....

    I finally got mine installed and spent some time on it.....

    It is definately Money well spent. My Brother tried it out and is now wanting to try to get one made for his KTM 640 Adventure.
  6. Husky Doug Husqvarna
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    Received and installed my new seat for my 08 Husky SM610. I requested some minor customizations, shave the seat down 1/2" and make the cover with smooth top and carbon sides. Delivery was quick even with the 2-3 extra days for my customer request. Everything fit perfectly and looks great. I completed a 250 mile ride last weekend and I didn't feel any more discomfort or 'Monkey Butt' than a day spent on my Bandit with a Corbin GunFighter. If your looking for an economical bang for your buck upgrade, you can't beat it.

    UPDATE: 8/4/2011 I have since logged 1000 miles on this seat, including 3 days of riding the W NC mountains and a track day and I really like this seat.

    Thanks Seat Concepts

  7. begeberg Husqvarna
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    Did 190 miles last weekend on mine in one day, mostly gravel and country roads, was better than my DRZ with a Corbin. Good bang for the buck...